26 February 2015


Drifting through this labyrinth
I find myself lost..

Take me back to the time and place, where there was love, no matter what the cost

Those smiles, those cheers
When there were no tears

Except the ones for happiness and care...

This is a dream..I find you there...
Where once we laughed over some silly dares

I hear your voice call out my name
I feel your fragrance, but oh its such a shame

Its just a dream..thats just some sound
You are never around to be found...

I realize then, its such an ugly joke
To think of a life behind this cloak

Of smiles to hide that broken heart
Those broken promises..till death do us apart

I'd rather hold on tight to this dream in my head
I'll seek solace in these memories sweet

As bridges have been burnt and the way back is nowhere to be found
Till a miracle, I'll find you in my dreams, the fragrance and the distant sound..

13 February 2015

Voguish dresses for Valentine's Day gifting!

Hola Lovelies!!!

A very very sweet and amazing Valentine's to all my lovely munchkins! God Bless you all with loads of love and happiness :)

So I just came out from the late night show of "ROY", the much awaited movie. Now I'm not half as sure about the movie as I am about Jacqueline's dresses!!!!*Me Drools*

Talk about the perfect Valentine Day Fashion Inspiration!! Now its easy for girls to choose a dress, but if you are one of the lucky guys to have the love of your life by your side but not the gift of your life, then you could definitely use this post for some help!

And please don't ask me why you need to buy her a dress!! Girls are born pretty, then somewhere someone invented dresses and **it just got real!

 You need to watch Dhoom 3 and well, the various Hollywood movies where the guy leaves the dress on the girl's bed and asks her to meet for dinner!!Awww it is so romantic!!In simple words, it shows that you care.She will love you for this. So go ahead and make her feel like a Princess!

1) Never Blue

Nothing better than a gorgeous blue dress to drive away her blues!Remind her how she is like the beautiful sky, that ought to bring up that sunshine smile on her face!

2) White Rose

A Splendid White Dress coupled with your love to lighten her days.

3) Floral Love

Try a floral dress to go with those Valentine's Day bouquet you buy for her!

4) Ravishing Red

Yes!!!With the right Red Dress you can melt away her heart in an instant! Nothing can make a woman feel more beautiful than a gorgeous Red Dress!!!

So these were some Valentine's Day Gifting Ideas. You can find more such amazing and affordable gifting options all over AskMeBazaar.So what are you waiting for?? Express your love and make her feel like the Queen of your heart.

Happy Valentine's!!
Loads of Love
Ruhie Kumar
Pic Courtesy : 123

29 November 2014

Blah Blah!

Hola Lovelies
Hope you all are doing great!

Ok so I was watching FRIENDS all day and all night long!


1) It makes you smile
2) It makes you forget the shit in your life, escape reality maybe!

Fine this is going to be a little heavy post. So beware before even thinking of reading more..

5 Fantastic Picks from American Swan

Hola Lovelies
Hope you all are doing great!

I have become a huge fan of Sonam Kapoor and her sense of style these days! I mean talk about killer office looks in her movie "Bevkoofiyaan" . The funky looks in "Khoobsurat"! Awesome-ness re-defined!

So taking inspiration from her, I decided to revamp my wardrobe! But then I remembered that I was a lazy bummer and walking from store to store in search of that amazing dress just ain't convenient!

So what do you do, if you got money in your hands, clothes on your mind and your faithful internet connection! Woot woot, you shop online!!!

Just when I thought I needed a change from the usual online stores I buy my clothes from, there came American Swan!! With wowzer deals and amazing sales, they have me hooked to their website.
So just for my lovely honey bunnies, I decided to pick five amazing pieces  that you can shop from American Swan!

08 November 2014

The Luxe Cafe: Spreading Luxury Everywhere!

Hola Lovelies!!!
Hope you are all are doing great and enjoying your weekend.

I had a amazing Friday night. It was movie rollout for me! The time when I watch awesome movies back to back! This time I had on my plate 3 great movies: Khoobsurat (The Sonam Kapoor one), Bang Bang ( Hrithik looks so so so good one!) and The Devil Wears Prada ( Believe me it feels so much better to just know that you are not the only one haunted by a Devil Boss!! ) :D

Interestingly, there is something common in all the three movies mentioned above. Luxury! Sonam Kapoor in a royal setup! Katrina in a Prague Setup and well, we all know what "The Devil Wears Prada" was all about!

But does luxury come so easy? It's relatively easy if you live in a cosmopolitan  city, but what about Tier - II and III cities in India. I belong from Bhopal and there is hardly scope for luxury or even the chance to getting to know an expert who could guide you through!

Luckily, this is where "The Luxe Cafe" comes into picture!

A J.J Vallaya initative, India's very own B2C focused e-platform, dedicated to global luxury and fine living, it is a one-stop hangout for  luxury brands and their consumers.

So, if you are looking forward to buying your first cigar or a luxury car. It could be your dream of  looking like a divine princess on your wedding or just chill your soul in a luxurious spa resort.
You will find all your answers and the means right here.

18 September 2014

The Best Things of Having a Big Brother!

Hola Cupcakes!
Hope you are doing great!

Today is a very special day. It is my Big Brother's Bday!! I'm so happy for him, though I miss him sooo much!!This post is dedicated to him. On this very special day I want him to know, even though I don't say too many a times, that I love him and how much of a support he has been to me all these years. I look upto him for so many of his amazing qualities. he is a gem of a person. On your special day bhai I wish you loads and loads of happiness, love, success and good health.

The Big Brother List

15 September 2014

4 Amazing DIY Facial for Glowing Skin

Hola Lovelies,

Care to give your face that much needed break? But don't have the time to go to the salon? Check out these awesome do it yourself facial recipes, that you can whip up right in your kitchen!

Strawberry and Yoghurt Face Mask

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